Josh Whisneant is the founder of Intense Ministries.  He stands 6' tall and weighs 260 pounds.  He was an All-American football player at East Texas State University where he received
his double Bachelors in Exercise Science and Nutrition. Josh also received a Master's Degree in Biological Mechanics.  After college, Josh had the opportunity to attend training camp in the NFL before he went on to play for the Dallas Desperados in the Arena League.  Josh then became a high school teacher and football coach in Texas.  He broke the NAPA squat record in power-lifting, squatting 1015 pounds. God brought him through a 5 year fight with cancer.  He resides in Silsbee Texas with his wife Ashley
and three children, Jaden, Grace and Mike. Josh has over 13 years experience in the Feats of Strength Ministry. Josh has a true heart for today's youth and enjoys  speaking in school assemblies to help change the lives of those in need. He is a great influence to people of all ages.

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Kathy Bertram is a US Air Force veteran who served as an AMMO troop and has gone on to compete for 5 years as an NPC Figure and Bodybuilder.  She was an All Star Skater for the Mississippi Roller Girls in 2009.  In 2004 God called her to serve in Strength Ministry. She has traveled all over the United States and into South America spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ. She is one of a very few women to ever serve full time in strength ministry. Recently her “feats” have been featured on numerous Japanese TV shows, and other television programs both abroad and here in the US. She was born and raised in Mankato MN with her 6 siblings. It was during her high schools years that the pressure to “fit in” pushed her towards eating disorders, and struggles with self image. God has given her a passion to see the lost come to find their peace and rest in the saving arms of Jesus. She knows it is only through a relationship with God that we are set free!

(Romans 8:1!)

“ Only God can take a broken life and make it beautiful.” 

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Mitch Hodge is an Ordained Minister and a called Evangelist.  Mitch has been in ministry for 11 years when the Lord called him out of a lifestyle of self serving and destructive behaviors.  

For many years Mitch was a national competitive bodybuilder winning Mr. Idaho, Mr. Northwest and Mr. Western America as well as a top 5 placing in Mr. America.  After retiring from competitive bodybuilding Mitch played 2 years of semi Pro Football (in his 40's)!  

Now a Strongman competitor Mitch hopes to someday compete in the World’s Strongest Man Masters Nationals.  

Mitch resides in Idaho with his son Gabriel.  



Michael Fontenot stands 6’1” tall and weighs in at 265 pounds. Mike is The founder of “Team Freedom Strength Ministry”.  He was in and out prison for many years until God got a hold of his life.  Mike made his start in Strength Ministry In the 1990’s and made a huge impact In Josh Whisneant’s life getting him started in Ministry.  He does a lot of prison ministry and has an amazing ability to reach people from all walks of life.  Weather they have been in prison or have had a hard time in life Mike is able to reach them for Jesus.  He really does have a heart of gold.  Everywhere we go Mike is a crowd favorite with his light humor and his huge shoulders.   

  Mike lives in China, Texas with his wife Kimberly and their three children.  He also has two adult daughters and a granddaughter on the way.   

Mike (Strongarm) Thompson 
 Mike Thompson lived most of his life in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio; however in 2008 Beaumont, Texas became home. A natural athlete, he is an accomplished soccer player and a longtime bodybuilder. Mike has a degree in business and owns a manufacturing company in Beaumont. Mike believes Christians should “Walk their Talk” by professing their faith as well as by being a Christ-like example in their daily lives. Coming from a broken home, Mike understands the hurt and anger that inevitably follows. He has learned to seek comfort and blessing from his heavenly Father and desires to point
hurting people to Christ. Mike is married to Lori; together they have a 20 year daughter and a sixteen year old son.


John Alan Stringer (AKA Robin Hood) stands 5’11” 245lbs. He is an avid bow hunter and completion bow shooter.  Alan has been invited to the world bow shooting completion 3 times now.  Alan believes a lot of people let their past get in the way of doing great things in their life for Jesus. He says we all have a past and God’s forgiveness of our past, if you will grasp that, will propel you into your future with Christ Jesus. 

Born and raised in Evadale Texas, Alan is married to Juliana Stringer and have six boys ranging from 12  to 24.

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Ken from Kenneth Etta Ministries, Inc.  He is an accomplished Pro. Lifetime drug free Bodybuilder.In 1986 Kenneth moved to the U.S where he graduated from the University of Minnesota, began ministry in 1989 as a campus evangelist to some of the most liberal universities in the U.S. In 1993, Kenneth began His competitive bodybuilding career and went on to win many local, state, regional and international contests rising to the professional ranks of natural bodybuilding gaining a reputation as one of the greatest natural bodybuilder of all time. Kenneth Etta is an anointed and licensed minister of the gospel (an e taking the good news of the love of God to the nations of the world. He is using his gift to reach a dying world for his Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and edifying the body of Christ (youth and adult alike) to maximize their potential through service to God in faith and hope under-guarded on a foundation of love.


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Aaron Leger is from Silsbee Texas and a lifelong friend of Josh Whisneant.  Aaron is the Pastor of Central Baptist Church in Kountze Texas.  He shares his passion for Jesus everywhere he goes.  From his funny humor to his unique exciting preaching style he believes the most important thing in life is sharing Jesus with everyone.  Aaron broke many power lifting records and in 1994 won first place in the National High School Power lifting meet in Dallas Texas.  Aaron his wife Pamela and two children Leon and Leah live in Sour Lake Texas.


Shane Shane Nolan strives to stand out with his appearance to be able to reach the people for Jesus who feel they don’t fit in with today’s religious society. Shane was a competitive skate boarder for 5 years before he took an interest in body building. Shane has 17 years experience in weight training, and is certified with NETA as a personal trainer.  Shane is able to reach people for Jesus with his huge body tattoos, long hair, and piercings.  Shane is the proud owner of a full and permanent tattoo shirt.  He reaches people that maybe no one else could ever reach for Jesus.  Shane resides in Beaumont, TX and attends Turning Point Church with his wife Lindsay and children Branson and Zoe.

Cody Eason is 6'2" 340lbs.  He played for several arena football teams in the USA.  Cody is a very talented athlete with a promising future in the AFL.  He turned down a contract in the arena to travel with this cousin Joshua Whisneant and the team.  Cody is one of the most loving people you will ever meet.  From his big smile to supernatural strength and big heart Cody is a crowd favorite everywhere he goes.  Cody loves to see people giving their life to Jesus Christ and tells everyone there’s nothing better than touching a life for Jesus Christ.  Cody lives in Lumberton Texas.


Chad Blackmon Stands 6’2” and Weighs 230 LBS.  He is a personal trainer and a bodybuilding contest dietary specialist.  He has been in bodybuilding for over a decade winning several State and National titles.  Chad is a strong Christian and very mission minded for America.  He is on a mission to see as many people save to Jesus and their life’s transformed by the power of God.   Chad is one of the most outgoing people you will ever meet; he truly has a heart for people. Chad is from Conroe, Texas living in Humble, Texas with his wife Teri, their Daughter and 2 Grandbabies.