What Pastors and People are Saying....

Josh Whisneant is a man on a mission to see the people of this generation sold out for Christ. The nations of today are reachable and are more connected through electronic gadgetry than any other generation. The secret is getting their spiritual eyes open to behold the Kingdom of God and how they fit into that Kingdom. This is where Josh is coming from in his passion for the generations of today. As his Pastor and one who has seen him grow up, I am proud of Josh and the path his life has taken. He and Ashley have a call of God on their life and continue to grow in the anointing as they do the work of the ministry. You will not be disappointed in having them come to your church. They come to serve and lift up the local church and its ministry. They will be upfront in communicating to you what they are about and invite you to be upfront with them about your expectations. Believe me, this couple, along with the team they bring, are what you are looking for to reach the lost of your city. Josh and the team will not only perform feats of strength, but Josh also brings a very sound, biblically based, captivating message of the Gospel of Christ.
I am happy to recommend them to you. I believe Josh and Ashley are in the prime of their ministry

Pastors Sidney and Gwen Woods
First Assembly of God, Silsbee Texas


To Whom It May Concern:
Recently we hosted Team Intense, an evangelistic feats of strength team. The event went very well..... the most salvations we have ever experienced in one meeting in the history of The Lord's Glory Church.  Many youths ages 6-18, along with many adults were saved.  One of the members of Team Intense is a member of our church.  Their leader, Joshua Whisneant, came highly recommended to us and is a member of First Assembly in Silsbee, Texas.  Based on our experience, we highly recommend Team Intense to any church interested in these types of outreaches. We found all the members of the team to be sincere believers with integrity of ministry and hearts for reaching the lost for Jesus.  Joshua also brought a message to our Sunday morning congregation which was very inspirational and encouraging to our members.
Tom Battle, Pastor
The Lord's Glory Church
Humble, Texas www.glorychurch.com

To Whom It May Concern:
I am writing in referral and recommendation of Intense Ministries for your church and schools in your city. We hosted this team the week of August 29-September 1, 2010 and the crusade not only impacted our church, but our city school system to the point that the school Superintendent requested we bring them back for another crusade in 2011 to do assemblies in all 18 of the Pascagoula Schools.
This ministry is operated with a high degree of integrity, honesty and dedication that is evident in every meeting. The financial obligations are minimal for the impact that is made!
We witnessed over 100 people dedicating their lives to Christ during the crusade.
Oasis Church and myself are a part of the Association of Related Churches (ARC) and the ministry of this team parallels the Life-Giving vision of our ARC Churches.
Please prayerfully consider Intense Ministries for your next Evangelistic Outreach and Crusade, especially if you want to reach the young families of your city or region!  For further information or recommendation, you may reach me at my office at 228-762-5639.
Richest Blessings from Pascagoula, MS!
-Eric G. Camp
Lead Pastor  http://www.oasisonline.tv/ 



I had the opportunity to visit with the team members of Intense Ministries a few weeks before scheduling them for First Baptist Church of Port Neches.  Their focus was clear, their spirit is pure, and they have a deep love for the lord.  My people enjoyed hearing Josh Whisneant speak, Mike Fontenot sing, and the feats of strength were amazing.  They were well received by the congregation and the meeting was productive in the evangelism of many people.  God is doing great things through their ministry and is using them in a mighty way for the shaking of a generation with the gospel of Christ.


Grace and Peace,

 David Mahfouz

Pastor, First Baptist Church Port Neches http://www.fbcpn.org/ 

Dear Friend,
Josh Whisneant and his ministry team put our church on the map! We had experienced little success In our attempt to reach the unchurched people of our community. We had spent thousands of dollars trying to get the word out about our church. When Josh and his team came, not only did they get the attention of our community, there message uncompromising and relevant! Over 300 people accepted Christ as Savior!  As I write this letter we have them booked to return for another crusade. Josh has a clear calling from God and is a man of great integrity. The team’s message is Bible-based and their core values center around the person and work of Jesus Christ. I give Josh and his team my highest recommendation.  Oh yeah, one more thing. The first time Josh came to our church for ministry, he was a single man. On that visit he met a wonderful Christian young lady in our church, and about a year later they were married. He is now a husband and father! Book Josh and his team today – you will not regret it!
In Christ,

Pastor Ferrell Hardison
Whitley Church, Princeton North Carolina 


Joshua Whisneat ministered in our assembly on a Sunday recently and did a marvelous job testifying, preaching and demonstrating feats of strength.  Not only did this young man deliver God’s Word with real Divine energy, but God honored His anointed Word and 21 souls received Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior. Another 17 recommitted themselves to the Lord. With all ours hearts we recommend this man of God to you.  Pastors and friends,you can trust him with your pulpit. He is a true God-called evangelist.

Pastors "Dub" and Rene Jones

Boerne Assembly of God Church, Boerne, Texas


I just want to say how much I appreciated the blessing of your "Intense Ministries Team" coming to our Church. I have been a member of the youth for a while now and I really loved hearing all of your stories and dedication to your faith. I was really touched by your story in particular, because I have been struggling with anorexia and bulimia for the past three years myself. I haven't gotten the courage to talk to someone from the church about it yet, but I was inspired by how your walk with God helped you overcome your troubles. I pray that one day I will be strong enough to get past all this as well, and be happy, healthy, and close to God as I can be once again. Overall, I just thank you for coming. Your short time with us really hit home and opened my eyes, that there is hope.

To whom It May Concern:
I would highly recommend the ministry of Joshua Whisneant and Intense Ministries for any church or outreach ministry.  Their desire to reach any and all for Christ is contagious.  The presentation of the gospel through personal testimonies and acts or strength is both inspiring and entertaining.  Any church would be blessed to have in both their community schools and local church outreach.

Pastor Jim & Brenda Seratt
Grace Community Church
Vidor, TX http://gccv.org/



Hello, I am Pastor Aaron Leger of Central Baptist Church in Kountze Texas, and I just want to share with you a few things about Josh and "Intense Ministries". I believe that today in the times that we live in; we have to find new and inovative ways to reach lost souls that are bound by satan in the world today. We had Josh and Mike out for a one day crusade and God poured out his spirit. Josh preached and allowed God to use him in a great way. That night after Josh and Mike showed us how God uses them with worldy strength, God allowed us to see their spiritual strength. Mike has such an anointing when he sings, you just know that God has blessed him. And after Josh preached we had more people seeking God and making a stand than I have ever seen in our church. I know that if you will open up your Church and you hearts God will do glorious things through this ministry.

Pastor Aaron Leger
Central Baptist Church
Kountze Texas